30 July, 2005

Screwing With Them

I walked downtown last night to meet some friends for drinks. If you have ever spent any amount of time down by Wall Street you know that the streets are all sorts-a twisty with no rhyme or reason. Who was the brain surgeon who thought up that development plan? Walking along my merry way, two random businessy drunk 40 year olds decided to pick up a thread of some unknown conversation with me. Mike and John (actual names I swear!) asked me where I was going. I told them. They giggled in their drunkenness and tagged along. Sure, it's a party. I say everyone's invited.

HERE is where the fun began for me though. Both of these morons where sporting wedding rings and for all the crap I went through yesterday morning finding out that my telephone guy is still married, I was in the mood to screw with them. To punish them a bit for being dicks and looking for some booty while their wives are home with the kids. Not to mention that I was wearing a great dress and a pair of heels and I KNEW that they would do whatever I wanted.

I turned up the flirt and made them buy me drinks. In fact I made them buy my friends drinks too. Why did they get suckered you ask? Because Mike and John actually thought that I would even be REMOTELY interested in sleeping with two drunk 40 year old's who are married. Some what ever fantasy that these guys had was finally coming true. The John guy even asked me what I wanted and informed me that if I was good he would buy it for me. My response was "So do you mean you would actually buy me, like... a CAR?". Can you say EW.

Funny side note; during course of said evening BOTH of them, not one but BOTH, as some point slipped their wedding rings off their fingers. LIKE I WOULD NOT HAVE NOTICED YOU IDIOTS!

So the evening comes to an end under fiery protests, Mike and John were so disappointed that I was leaving WITH TWO OTHER MEN (co-workers and friends, really I am not a whore).

And then I looked into their eyes and smiled a big sweet smile, batted my eyes and in a very girlie way informed them that they were married and how cute it is that the wife and little babies are home while they are out carousing. And with that I said "Have a good night boys!".

Well let's just say, the looks on their faces were priceless!

BUSTED! Hope the bar bill was high!

I am not a bitch by nature, but I am really tired of married men cheating on their wives. Not only are you hurting your wife and children but how do you think the other women feels when she finds out you're married to someone else. It is really crappy all around.

And some of you reading this may think, but yeah you were flirting with them. And my answer is "They are married, they should have NEVER come looking for it in the first place!".