21 September, 2006

Do Over

The waitress at my local needs to be smacked. She is young, beautiful and arrogant. Her popularity makes her unaware of the black spot that must exist on her heart.

And yes, if I were young again, I so would have had attitude.

Instead I was rife with empathy towards others and a need to make a forward thinking liberal social-political impact on my environment. I boycotted prom because of the lack of integrity and the statement that the puritanical traditions of prom created a factious patriarchal society that impeded on my ability to overcome the glass ceiling.

Or some such shit.

God I was an idiot.

Experiment: Tonight I will don self-imposed arrogant self-importance. I intend to mix this with a great heap of infected laughter and the immature belief that the world revolves around me. Add a hair flip and the ability to ignore beings that are not worth the sole of my shoe, and I GUARANTEE YOU that I will be the most popular girl in the room.

Sick, ain't it.