27 December, 2005

Christmas in the Park

Still recovering from Christmas in New Zealand. Which is a weird kind of Christmas I must say. It's not that Kiwi's don't celebrate Christmas, they do. But they celebrate it with a gusto that involves fantastic parties and get togethers and Santa is not in the picture. They mostly don't do Christmas lights on the homes or crazy shopping in the stores. In fact, most of the stores that I did visit had techno music pumping instead of Christmas Carols. But then two weeks before Christmas hits everyone starts with the good, cheery mood, and it starts with Christmas in the Park.

Picture a Paul Simon concert in Central Park. Yeah, you have that picture in your head, well that is NOTHING like Christmas in the park in Auckland. Christmas in the park is sweet and not crowded and fun and a singalong and there are so few people in this city to begin with that everyone has space to move around the Auckland Domain. The stage is set and the entertainment is professional and the evening is a wonderful Christmassy blast. Just the way it should be. Christmas here is about telling your friends and family that you love them and spending time with them. It is not about the gift that you give. Which I find so increadible.

Friends and I gathered at 5:30 pm with wine and cheese and blankets in tow and walked to the Domain to pick out our spot. Two hours later the concert started and it was Christmas Carols galore with lots of people around singing their ever loving guts out. Four wonderful hours of entertainment and Christmas Carols

We ended the evening with my good mate Lyn and I singing carols with our arms draped around each other. And as we walked home we proclaimed ever lasting love to each other. She has also informed me that she is doing Christmas and New Year's with me in New York next year. By the way Mom, Lyn is coming home with me for Christmas, you have a year to plan. Don't say that I didn't give you enough notice.

Merry Christmas from Auckland!