01 June, 2006

Ruthless Cock Block

Every Wednesday night the senior partners of my company ask a few to join them for a beer at the pub across the road. Last night I took them up on their offer. Sometime around 6:00 pm we got sick of working and wandered over for a pint. Somewhere around 6:45ish the senior partners paid the tab and left the four of us sitting around the fire place shooting the shit.

And then HE walked up to our table. He was adorable. He looked straight at me and said "You seem like a very outgoing person. Are you in sales? You must be in sales, because this really feels like a wrap up to a sales meeting." and he continued, as we all starred at him "well, I am hosting a conference and I wanted to get the opportunity to talk to you about it, blah, blah, blah." At this point two of my work mates were snorting under their breath, as this cute man chattered away about sales and "you MUST be in SALES!!" as he began to ask for my card. And everyone got the picture, everyone knew that this was the most creative way to get a phone number witnessed in a while. Everyone that is, except George.

George is our new sales guy. George is trying like hell to hawk our product. George saw an open opportunity and George pounced.

George began with a "She's not in sales. She's in Quality. I'M in sales. " and re-routed the young man's attention to him. George went on and on about our product and put pressure on this poor guy to describe the 'Sales Conference' that he would be hosting. And this guy, this poor guy, he actually stammered through some crap that he was making up on the spot about a sales meeting and "Yes, please I would love to speak with you further about your product." while the entire time he kept desperately trying to come back to me and was smiling at me with a sheepish 'please God help me' grin.

After 10 minutes of this perfect display of entertainment, which kept two other work mates in snickers, I forked over my business card and told the poor guy "please do call, I would love to talk about sales." To which I received the BIGGEST SMILE. And as he left he tried to give me his card in return, which was promptly snatched out of his hand by George who was still rattling on about SALES!

When the man finally left and we let George have it. "So, George, you thought he was kinda cute huh?" and George didn't get it until Ian exclaimed "He didn't want to talk about sales, he WANTED HER NUMBER!".

I got cock blocked by a 26 year old hyper newbie sales boy.