20 July, 2005

Why We Are Friends

I have friends for many reasons, and it seems recently, my friends are now spread out all over the world. Generally, I end up becoming friends with these people because for what ever reason the Universe smacked us together in a situation and at one point we probably laughed pretty damn hard. Come to think of it, if I go down the list of how I became friends with everyone it was usually at the expense of me making an ass of myself and them laughing at me out loud, to which I probably laughed along with them.

And no, I don’t get a chance to see all of these people all that often, but we do email and take trips and I have this really cool open invitation to visit this certain family in Greece the next time I happen to “pop” in….(Hi Elaine!).

There is, however, one friend that I speak with almost everyday. In fact we actually agreed to go on the same cell phone ‘you’re in’ plan just because we know that we speak almost everyday and it was getting rather pricey.

And today I want to thank her for being my friend. For making me laugh that hard, all the time. She lives in Florida with her super cute and awesome hubby that I like just as much, which is great because when you don’t like your friend’s partner that always sucks, but this guy, I like much. And besides, on some weird Germanic level he seriously reminds me of my Mother and so therefore I really do understand his anal-retentive ways. Yes, J.A., the bathroom really was clean enough on my last visit, thank you.

But this is why I love my friend so much. L.C. went to Paris for 9 days on a business trip (oh did I mention that she is a lucky bitch!) and came home with stories and anecdotes to share and bemoaned as to why I did not call her back over the weekend.

Her story first, she made me laugh so damn hard. L.C. screaming about “Why the hell don’t they have air-conditioning in Europe and don’t people realize that the reason why they all have a spicy B.O. smell is because it’s so damn hot and buy a fucking air conditioner already!” to which I swear, hand to G-d, I actually had to pull over to the side of the road because I was peeing in my pants so hard.

You gotta love it when friends travel and bring back their stories.

And then here was mine that I shared with her. L.C. bashed me for not calling her back over the weekend after my cell phone cut out and I stopped crying on the side of the road. To which I informed her that soon after I blew a tire, had to wait for a flatbed and the rest of my Saturday sucked. But then, ray of sunshine, Mom bought me the new Harry Potter book and I read the WHOLE thing in 10 hours on Sunday. Just me and Harry and the gang. Cause I am a big freaking dork!

And she was allowed to laugh her ass off at me. Because she knows what a geek I have the ability to be and I say this shit with such a straight face. Like “What’s your problem, every fucking adult I know reads Harry Potter, I am just cool enough to admit it!”.