29 July, 2005

Confessions of a 6th Grader

Remember when you were in Jr. High or High School and at a party that involved beer. The conversations always ended up revolving around blow jobs, boobs, butts and sex. During these years I remember thinking "When I grow up I am going to go to sophisticated cocktail parties and have engaging conversation with dashing men and dazzle everyone with my wit!".


This past weekend I laughed my ass off with my friends and drank to much beer. And of course the conversation kicked off with a snarky comment about MY ass which landed us all the way into more conversations about blow jobs, boobs, butts and sex.

Nothing changes. Ever.

And of course, I had a camera to take pictures of all the antics and goings-on.

Final Score: Sophistication Nothing\Laughing like a hyena and creating the ability to later blackmail your friend 50 points.

New Jersey Scores!