02 August, 2005

Career Opportunity

During a kind of lame and non-eventful weekend, after a beach burn and way to much sun, I rented a bunch of DVD's and junkfood and headed over to a friend's house where many non-eventful things were going on with non-eventful people. Plus beer.

During the 3 course evening meal of Hitch, The Pacifier (which blew chunks by the way, but was worth the 1 min Vin D. shot in a towel), and one really bad Katie Holmes flick I was informed by a male friend that "You have an ass like Eva Mendes, you could probably be an actress too!". As exuberant as that may sound, and although I was so not offended, I can honestly say that a) why is it always about my ass? and b) really if that was all it took to become a high paying actress sign me up.

And then of course I look at the raw talent (ahec-hack) that Hollywood is spitting out these days and wonder, hell is that all it takes?

Ponder that, while I sit here and channel some Puerto Rican ancestor that I am SURE is lurking in my family history, but no one has fessed up too yet.