25 August, 2005

Bug Juice in My Coffee

I recently moved in with my parents in the vain attempt that if the Universe or the Gods KNOW that I am serious about wanting to move to New Zealand and I actually do all the work to get there that the skies will open up and a miracle will burst forth and some fucking company will offer me a GODDAMN JOB ALREADY!

Sorry, my bad. I am getting grumpy with this process of applying for jobs and waiting and applying for jobs and waiting and applying for Visa stuff and waiting and I am freaking waiting and waiting and I am just tired now. I would really like to take a nap.

I am also in Brooklyn today, the Mecca of Crack. Seriously, you need some? I think I can get it cheap on the corner.

Mom suggested that I take the bus instead of doing the drive, so I can relax. Apparently my Mom has never taken mass transit into the Port Authority. The word relax doesn't really ring on their slogan. So yes, this morning this was a big mistake, not only is it more expensive then it would be to continue parking at my office in Jersey City, but it sucks the cat's ass because as I relayed to Mom "If I don't freeze my ass off because the bus's AC is set to Antartic Sub Freezing and I don't get elbowed by some women wearing way to much pommade... to the point that I can SMELL IT! "

I am not a happy camper today. Camp was way better than this. At least at camp I got a snack.