28 September, 2005

Bitch Slapped

Alright, alright, lesson learned. I have been officially bitch slapped. I made the random, naive and insanely stupid mistake of posting an enthusiastic, Pollyanna type question on a New Zealand web board hoping upon hope that good old fashioned Kiwi's would give me great advice for fitting into my new home. Well, hell hath no fury when you are a web poster scorned. Or some such shit.

I was officially called a Troll because several of these folks actually did not believe that my post was genuine. Which I found odd. Why would I post a question on a New Zealand run webboard if it wasn't a genuine question? Who has that kind of fucking time? My questions was simply: I am moving to Auckland and the world hates Americans, anything I should know before I debark from the plane?

Another lesson: once you post one of these things, you no longer own it. It mushrooms and grows into something that you never intended.

I have been officially smacked down to reality. I have heard so many wonderful things about New Zealand and it's people that I actually *forgot* that assholes live in every country and are not just isolated to New York. I was actually Ernest enough for a moment to allow my Pollyanna to come shining through. Stupid me. Which I guess was a good lesson to learn before I actually got there. Someone once said "you can leave what you want behind but you still look at yourself in the morning". How very true. I can leave a few things behind here in the States that I am looking forward to shedding, but I will always have me. Which was never the reason why I wanted to do this NZ thing in the first place by the way. It was always about adventure. It was always about the opportunity for more. But the one thing I will have to take will me is a small bit of my New York pessimism so I don't get myself in trouble.

And I am now officially Google Group devirginized.