14 September, 2005

If Patience Is A Virtue, Can I Get Mine In Plaid?

Last night was the appointment for my second reference check to find out if I am a fit for the job at the Big Bad Software Company in Auckland. My friend Sang did the reference for me. Not only is Sang a good friend, but he has been my co-worker for the last two years here at the Big Bank. Sang and I have hung in the technical trenches together and so he knows what I know and further he knows that I get shit done. The other big plus is that Sang likes me as a human being and has been listening to me talk up New Zealand since February. I figured one of two things. Either a) he would do the reference for me because as a good friend he wants to see me succeed or b) he would do the reference for me because he wants me to shut up about New Zealand already. I figure either one is good.

Sang called me last night after the reference was done. He described it to be more like an interview. It was an hour long and the rep from the Big Bad Software Company asked him a million questions; some of which are a bit weird for an American to hear. And I understood that too. I was taken back when the Managing Director whom may end up becoming my boss actually asked me how old I was. As little red flags of American Political Incorrectness are EXPLODING in my brain, I am wondering if I am even ALLOWED to answer that question. If you are not from the States please note, this kind of personal questioning is not only illegal but completely FORBIDDEN in the US.

After I hung up on Sang last night I immediately ran to my computer and logged onto my email account.


And this morning, the first thing I did before a shower and coffee and even brushing my teeth was booting my computer and checking my email.


Not a single feedback type response. Not even a gold star for penmenship. Nothing. Nada. Ziltch. Zero.

Which leaves me counting the clock during my 14 hour work day, counting the minutes to when it would be 8:00 pm my time, which means it's 12:00 pm their time, which means they have had plenty of time to send me an email to tell me they love me and want to make an offer or at least tell me my hair smells nice. INDUCE PANIC, INDUCE PANIC.

I NEED FEEDBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please, I will take any kind at this point. As long as it is not negative.