20 September, 2005

Update on the Freaking Out, On the Car, On Murphy's Law and On Finding an Apartment... all in one weekend!

Low and behold when the Universe closes a door, it opens a window and then the window comes slamming down on my head and laughs hysterically in my direction. I seriously sometimes believe that my life is one big prank played on by elfin-wood-gnomes who spend their entire day planning on how to FUCK ME UP!

So here is the run down this lovely Monday morning. All is going well so far with the planning of the Visa getting... and get we shall soon need. According to my progressive calendar and the crossing of the fingers my ARSE should be on a plane on October 13th thereby landing it smack in the middle of Auckland by October 15th. This past Friday got the chest x-ray done, this week sorting all of my crap and next week putting in notice to the job.... all is going well, now what I really needs is to finds me an apartment with fun but not schizophrenic people.

The Universe already blessed me with one big fat whammy on Friday, whereby locking me out of my car and leaving me stranded at the hospital where the chest X ray was done. It is a real bitch to be having a great day only to have it screwed when you can't get into your car, when the tow-truck guy that you call can't get into your car, when your cell phone, PDA and laptop are all locked in your car and everyone you know is GONE and no one is around to pick you up help you out or hand you a tissue because your so damn frustrated that instead of taking your shit out on the man in the toll booth because he did nothing and we don't want to be mean, I broke down crying. Big loser that I am. Bawled my eyes out. And the makeup was in the car. So now I am stranded AND I look like shit.

Finally, got home Friday evening to the tune of $290 well spent dollars and one kick ass headache.

Note to self: Carry ALL of your shit with you even if the sign says "no cell phone use allowed".