10 February, 2006

With The Song I Siiiiiiingggg, What the World Needs Toooodaaaay!

In response to a Tentative Meeting agenda:

Kala: Tentative!!!!!!????? What's wrong with you mate? It's CAKE!

Jamie: Yeah well... what kind of cake is it??

Kala: It's yummy and good and wonderful with stuff... And candles. And if you ever wanted an opportunity to hit Christian in the arm, this is it. I know I want to hit him everyday.

Jamie: Meh, I do that whenever I want already. What else you got?

Kala: I got nothin left. Except perhaps making the world a brighter, happier place to live in because we support each other every single day through the small things, like birthdays. Your contribution to Christian's happy birthday will give him the ability to one day raise happy and healthy children who will in turn provide your children with good friends.

Jamie: Arrgh! Sorry, got blinded by the sunshine beaming out of that sentence.

Kala: That, and maybe I'd like to buy the world a coke and keep it company.

Jamie: There's caffeine involved? That's all I needed.