02 February, 2006

The 100 things you should know about me list.....Revised

I don’t have any regrets. I have a few “I wish I hadn’ts”, but no regrets.

I have thoroughly weeded through the “I wish I hadn’t” list and learned a great deal from not listening to my instincts and being to frightened of actually being right about my own future. I no longer make that mistake.

I will agree to disagree.

A Separate Peace by John Knowles has been my favorite book since high school.

Not kissing anyone is better than kissing a bad kisser. Bad kisser's can break your heart too.

I am currently reading work by Friedrich Nietzsche. I am not so fascinated by his writing, but more that I need to see what the big fucking deal is about.

I have a crush on a man. A big crush. When I meet him face to face, I may just stop breathing.

I don’t think I am any more of a pain in the ass then the next girl, but I am willing to explore a more realistic view.

My I.Q. is 145. It is not that I am bragging; it’s just that I took that stupid test and the fact that my I.Q. is 145 has never gotten me anything, nor has it ever landed me a promotion. So, at the very least I should be able to write that fact down on my blog.

I would love to pray in a Buddhist Temple in South East Asia. If G-d is to be found somewhere in this world, I have a funny feeling that he would be there before spending time in the local shopping mall.

I would love to adopt a child.

I love listening to other people curse.

I love lying in bed early on a Sunday morning listening to the rain.

By nature, I am a night person.

I laugh out loud, especially at myself.

I am never lonely.

I have been keeping a journal of sorts since I was in middle school.

I would love to travel the world.

Growing up I thought that being Japanese with long, silky blond hair would be cool.

The best day of my life hasn’t happened yet. And if it ever does, what will I have to look forward to?

The worst day of my life, I lived through and successfully put behind me.

My family comes from Germany, Italy and Greece.

I am a first generation American. I don’t really understand what ‘American as Apple Pie’ means.

I love the fact that I grew up eating deli for breakfast.

I look Mediterranean and it is something that I am finally starting to enjoy.

I love cheesy British, New Zealand and Australian Television Shows.

I can not stand Fettuccine Alfredo.

I am horrible at remembering names, but I never forget a face.

I have amazing night vision.

I would love to own a dog, a cat and a horse.

I want to run the NYC marathon.

I was kicked out of Brownies when I was in second grade.

I will never cut my hair off.

I adore my brother. Much more so than he will ever realize.

I am currently working on a novel.

My nephews call me Auntie.

I would like to learn how to scuba dive … well

My Mother and I are good friends. She is amazing, brilliant and so funny. I am pretty sure she is my hero. She has lived her life with such self respect, such an amazing amount of assurance in who she is. I envy her that.

My favorite place in the world is the beach in the rain.

I am very realistic about my world views and a die-hard romantic about my love life.

I finally have the guts to admit that I am not perfect, that I will never be perfect, that no matter how much I try to aim for perfect I will always let myself down.

I take learning from my failures very seriously.

I love to rock climb and hike.

My favorite colors are the blues that you find in the ocean.

But for some reason most of my clothes are black, gray and white.

I truly believe that most people lie all the time. I don’t have trust issues, I have liar issues.

I have many different religions. I love them all. They are beautiful in their creation; it is usually their execution by man that sucks.

If I fall in love, I tend to be too kind and far too understanding. I have been asking the Universe to send people who will not take advantage of this trait. So far the Universe has been having some fun with me.

Every once in a while I love to crank some good old ACDC, Boston, Journey and Foreigner and play air drums.

I can’t stand reality television. What is so real about it? I want the next TV Reality show to follow the Mom in the projects who has three babies to feed and has to make the agonizing decision on weather or not to go off welfare. If she goes off welfare and takes the minimum wage job, she won’t make enough money for day care and then who will take care of the kids. Now THAT is Reality TV.

I wonder, in 100 years what those generations will think of the horrible things that we did to our bodies in order to attain beauty?

I love Britney Spears. Don’t love her music and she can’t sing, but people like her make the celebrity phenomenon thing in the USA so much more interesting.

I had 27 part time jobs before my career started when I was 20.

I can wait tables like nobody’s business!

Personal favorite: Roller coasters.

Pet Peeve: The non-use of blinkers when driving in front of me, especially when you have the audacity to cut me off.

I loved my second grade teacher. She played the guitar and let me finger paint.

Two ways to tell if I like a guy. 1) I say nothing and hope to God he gets the guts to speak with me and 2) Make a fool of myself while words are incoherently coming out of my mouth and I babble like an ass.

I didn’t stop eating meat because I was being political about it. I stopped eating it because I just don’t like it. Although, I now eats the sushi. We loves the sushi.

It’s stupid, I know, but I get pissed off at the internet when my server is slow.

I have decided to throw my self full force, face first into learning to speak German like a real German. This may never be a boost for my career, but at least it will make my mother happy.

I never intended on becoming a Systems Engineer. In fact my intention was to become an Artist. A writer, a singer, an actor, a painter, a photographer. These are my passions. And when you met me, you will know within 10 minutes that this is what I should have done for a living.

I didn’t become an actor or an artist early on in my life because I was scared to DEATH.

I harbor a secret fantasy. That perhaps one I may just toss my hat in the acting ring. I just may. Only because I can feel it in the pit of my stomach.

I never go anywhere without; sunglasses, iPod, cash, cherry flavored Labello, the most recent book that I am reading and my camera. Reading this sentence just makes me feel like a spoiled bitch. God, you would think that I would never go anywhere without making a donation to a starving child somewhere and instead I am running around with a camera. Makes you stop and observe the world differently.

I could care less about labels and clothes and who’s who and what’s what. But I must admit that I love my iPod and I never go anywhere without it. So does this make me label conscience?

I trip over the cracks in the sidewalk.

I sneeze loudly.

I will always tell someone when they have food in their teeth. I figure it’s better to know as soon as possible.

I am not naive, but because I am open minded people think that I am.

I am very good at verbal bat mitten.

I am a picky eater.

I could give a shit about restaurants.

Favorite city: Berlin, Germany.

I love rock concerts and live music.

I will always think I am fat no matter how thin I am. And it will always hurt.

I enjoy being a woman. I never want to wear the pants in the relationship. This does not mean that I am not progressive in my ideas. It just means that men and women are different and I really like my part.

Biggest turn on: the way you smell and the shape of your hands.

Biggest turn off: narcissism.

I love the smell of; airports, Florida, Brooks Brother’s cologne, wrapping paper, rain, cut grass, a fresh clean shave, towels from the dryer, my bed in the morning, a musty barn, burning leaves in the fall.

Skydiving is still the most amazing rush of adrenaline I have ever had in my life and my brain is still frapped from it!

Didn’t love bungee jumping.

I sing commercial jingles. You would HATE food shopping with me.

I rock at gin rummy and batgamon and can play for hours.

I feel disillusioned by the American Dream. I feel like it has all been one big fat ploy on the part of the few to lie to the masses and make those few more money all the while the masses have higher debt.

I am still looking for an answer to “Why do all the homes in Bergen County cost more than $700,000? Even the little fucking cape cods cost $700,000! Is EVERYONE in Bergen County a FUCKING DOCTOR?”

If you snort beer out your nose while laughing, I may just laugh at you even if I don’t know you.

I am floored by people who constantly complain about the same thing and then don’t even TRY to change it.

I hate bugs in the house, they freak me out.

My biggest fears in life: Becoming lost for so long that I can not find my way out.

My father just may be my most favorite person in the world to: hug, tell jokes with, make fun of my Mother with, watch TV with, scream with and eat breakfast with.

I love flying. And I love airports. And I love traveling. I however am older and wiser. It is no longer an innocent trip abroad; there is conscious thinking there now. There is a holding of my breath.

I want to love so long and hard and honestly until I bleed and it hurts and I can not tear myself away from that person. Hasn’t happened yet.

I like wine and beer equally, just depends on the venue.

Don’t micro-manage me.

When I have anxiety attacks, I make lists. They make me feel better.

I am not okay with being single. I tell myself that I am. I tell everyone around me that I am. I really do want passion.

I am NOT willing to settle in order to NOT be single. I would rather live without the passion and keep my soul.

I am currently having issues with self-esteem.

I do get jealous. But not in a bad way. In an inspired way.

I am not like any girl you have ever met. I will drive you crazy, make you think, cause you to open your eyes, invite adventure, ask you to dare and push you to your limits.