18 October, 2005

...Horse number 39 had a slow start at the gate

I apologize for the lack of posting in the past week. I have been virtually eating, sleeping and shitting Visa status anxiety and have not been able to put much thought into anything else. I have a one track mind. But well, the heavens opened up and birthed me a Work Visa!

I received my passport back from Washington, D.C. on Friday via the sorta Fed-Ex guy. Read: I am currently living in the back ass end of the woods up the Pocono Mountains with my parents until I leave for Auckland. The country lanes are so country that overnight express via Fed-Ex takes two days instead of one. And the package is not actually delivered via Fed-Ex. There is a distributor guy with a van that I think got a good deal on a route, kinda like third-party Fed-Ex.

The happy kind of anxiety took over through the weekend. I moved my entire life of material worth, or what is left of it, from the storage unit into Mom and Dad's basement. There it will stay until I come back or make another decision in life. I do worry though about my Mother and her habit of assimilating things that are stored in her house. I.e. my sheets that are neatly stored in bins may end up becoming her sheets because as she likes to say "It should be used". Or it should be stolen, which ever way you look at it. My Mother is an evil troll.

Last minute preparations consist of exchanging some money and picking up alterations from the dry-cleaner, closing one bank account and informing my MasterCard company that if they put one more FUCKING hold on my account because I have been suddenly using the card for New Zealand stuff, I will come through the phone and strangle them. Fraud protection is one thing, but this habit of my MasterCard company has become fucking annoying.

One really good shopping trip and I bought a new pair of really awesome jeans for the plane ride. Since I will be traveling for an entire day I figured I will want to be comfy and look cute at the same time. I also spent WAY to much money on two matching sets of rolly-luggage bags that are HUGE and I should be able to ship that dead body that I was hoping to bring with me with virtual ease.

And my tickets have been rearranged so that I leave next Monday, which is in a week. I am leaving in a week. One week. And the anxiety about the impression that I am going to make on my new roommates and my new co-workers and my new boss is killing me. I have a tendency to speak to much when I am nervous and so I will make sure that I keep that in mind and then keep that in check. Also, I have become acutely aware of the fact that I speak really quickly and have the amazing ability to get 3 or 4 sentences into a conversation without taking a breath.

The other beautiful part. This, ladies and gents, is my last week working for the Big Bank. My last week working in beautiful scenic Brooklyn, New York. And your last chance to put your crack orders in. Once I no longer work in this hell hole you won't be able to get your supply of crack at these seriously discounted prices.