07 November, 2006

With Stuff

I have been running the marathon of busy and just now realized that I have not posted or updated and my blog and will end up being one of those blogs that people delete from their bookmarks because the owner of that blog has been lazy or too busy, and really, really tired. I have faith that at least my Mother won't delete me.

Update on the job front: My company promoted me. Like big time. Big huge fat promotion, with a big huge fat opportunity to work a big huge fat number of hours.

  • Title Upgrade: VP of Operations
  • Number of Employees inherited: 10 in total
  • Number that are worth it: 4 and a 1/2
  • Number that use 30% of my time during the week retraining, upskilling and begging for the love of GOD "Can you just do your F'ING job!": 1 and a 1/2

The reason I am a workaholic: I am being given an opportunity to run the client services operation of an Enterprise Software Technology company, before I even got a master's degree. An opportunity that I knew I wanted 14 years ago. I would be an ASS not to run with this pigskin. And also, there is that little child in me that enjoys sticking my tongue out and saying "Nah, nah, ne, poo poo" to my third grade teacher who made me feel like I was worthless. Not that I held a grudge or anything.

  • Number of hours I am bleeding my soul per week: Oh about ALL of them

Update on the dating front:

  • The beautiful Boy with the beautiful smile is winning by a a lot of points and a conversion. There may be a few penalties but we are in the 2nd quarter, at the fourth down; my team is playing traditional defense, his team is playing this new NCAAI offensive line. And those boys can tackle! Damn that Beautiful Boy! Need I say more?

Update on the divorce weight:

  • Amount of weight gained due to divorce: 42
  • Number of years spent feeling like a fatass: 2
  • Number of pounds lost in the last year: 37
  • Number of pounds left to loose: WHO CARES I'M SKINNY AGAIN! Damn!


Total level of frustration built up over the last 3 months due to job stress and lack of sleep: Huge

Total amount of time spent in New Zealand: 1 year ago on October 25th

Still loving New Zealand: Yes, Awesome, Rockin, LOVING it.

Number of arguments and fights that I have had with my Mother about moving back home: 5,000 and counting

Number of cities she has recommended that I move to that are not two ocean's away: At least 40; Montreal and Pittsburgh being the leaders of this pack. (Dear Mom, please make a note, I AM NOT MOVING TO PENNSYLVANIA, step away from the Liberty Bell!)

Number of times I considered moving back home in the last year: Many

Number of times I reconsidered because my life is good and I am finding a level of happiness that I have not had in years: Many more

Places that I have visited in the last year: Bay of Islands, Taupo, Wellington, 90 Mile Beach, Piha, Qeenstown, Wanaka, Christchurch, Many, many more.

Number of decisions that I have made on my next move: None, I'm not ready

The winter is almost over. It was not a New York Freeze Your Ass of Winter by any stretch, but there was still a level of cabin fever because of the cold and the rain. Summer is on its way and friends and I are planning road trips, weekends, events and BBQ's.

Yeah I am working hard, and playing hard, and ya know it just doesn't suck.